BIG-SPIBIOC: Bioinformatics & Genomics, Sophia Agrobiotech Institute

The Bioinformatics & Genomics platform of Institut Sophia Agrobiotech (ISA) was created in January 2012. The aim of this platform is to federate the skills and ressources in bioinformatics that exist in the ISA institute. This platform mainly handles and analyzes data generated as part of the "omics" projects of the different teams in the institute. The platform also plays a role of consulting for project leaders in their efforts to apply to grants and trains and supervises students, scientists and engineers to use bioinformatics tools and learn programming languages.

BIG-SPIBOC: Bioinformatique et Génomique, Institut Sophia Agrobiotech

Le plateau de bioinformatique et de génomique de l'Institut Sophia Agrobiotech (ISA) a été créé en janvier 2012. L'objectif de ce plateau est de mutualiser les moyens et les compétences en bioinformatique de l'ISA. Le plateau prend principalement en charge le traitement des données des projets « omiques » de plus en plus nombreux. Il joue aussi un rôle de conseil auprès des porteurs de projets dans le dépôt de demande de financement et encadre et forme des étudiants et des collègues chercheurs et ingénieurs à l'utilisation d'outils bioinformatiques ou de langages de programmation.


The BioInformatics Platform for Agroecosystems Arthropods (BIPAA) aims to assist genomics and post-genomics programs developed on insects associated to agroecosystem, for the Plant Health and Environment Division of INRA.


CorTexT: the technological plateform of IFRIS

The objective is to provide IFRIS research teams with tools, process scripts, procedures and methods to help researchers treat, characterize, quantify and analyze textual data.

For this, the CorText team provides skills and tools to serve two complementary approaches:


Infrastructure open to the national bioinformatics community, activities centred on the analysis of sequences obtained from high throughput analysis.