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Spatial modelling of Ecological Compensation dynamics


We offer a 17-months postdoctoral position within the research project COMPAG that studies the links between agriculture and the ecological compensation public policy. The position is more precisely related to the WP4 entitled “Bioeconomic models - scenarios of ecological compensation public policies” under the supervision of Dr. Rodolphe Sabatier (INRA-Ecodéveloppement) and Dr. Lauriane Mouysset (CNRS/Université de Bordeaux-Gretha). Within this WP, your task will be to develop a spatially explicit model of agrolandscape dynamics. This model will combine agro-ecological with socio-economic components. The model should enable a multi performance analysis of different scenarios of Ecological Compensation policies thanks to a variety of environmental, production and economics metrics. These scenarios will be co-designed with partners of the project in order to account for a wide range of stakeholder preoccupations.

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01/11/2019 - 31/05/2021
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