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Development of a model for the dynamic of grape quality


Whereas the modelling of photosynthesis or water status of grapevine is fairly well established, the dynamics of accumulation of quality parameters such as anthocyanins and aromatic precursors are still a matter of investigation and are not described by extensively validated models.
The post-doctoral student will evaluate the existing knowledge and models using data collected during the project's field seasons and adapt or propose models that will consider nitrogen constraints.
The post-doctoral researcher will develop a mathematical dynamic model which takes into account agronomical knowledge and bioclimatic variables and seasonality. Some part of the modelling will need to use statistical learning. The model will be evaluated using field data and run using different scenarios of nitrogen supply to give information on the ripening dynamics in different conditions. This model could then be coupled with a nitrogen status model for grapevine which will be developed in the NV2 project.

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01/06/2019 - 30/11/2020
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