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Description : Caracterisation of Chicken primordial germ cells by combination of several genomic data

Context : Chicken primordial germ cells (cPGCs) derived in vitro present a new tools in avian reproductive biotechnologies and management of genetic biodiversity. However the impact of in vitro steps of these biotechnologies as the duration of in vitro culture and cryopreservation on the quality of cPGCs remain unknown. This project which is a part of European project IMAGE (H2020) aims to investigate the consequences of cPGCs long term in vitro culture and cryopreservation on the expression of mRNA, which seem to play an important role in these cells. We expect to obtain the list of differentially expressed mRNA according sex, culture duration and between fresh and cryopreserved-thawed-reamplified cPGCs. These data will be integrated with the data of RRBS analysis and small RNA analysis performed on the same PGCs cultures. Additionally the analysis of genome for the presence of genomic structural alterations is planned for these cultures.

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02/09/2019 - 31/12/2019
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