Virome Access

Accessing to virus genomes out of metagenomics data: improving statistical and bio-informatics analytic tools to better assess the contribution of phages on microbial ecosystems


Meta genome-wide scanning in search of 3D fold target proteins


Unraveling the genetic determinants of Fitness of a food Microorganism in its natural ecosystem by a Tn-seq approach (massive sequencing of transposon insertion libraries).


Titre du projet: 
Strategies for CNV discovery in animal and plant species and their use in breeding

Copy Number Variants (CNVs) are a novel type of polymorphism involving large regions, often corresponding to duplications or deletions of chromosomal fragments, including sometimes expressed genes. These CNVs have been discovered recently and are under strong investigations because of their potential functional effect. Since 2003-2004, CNVs have been documented in an increasing number of species. However, despite their potential impact, CNV surveys have been done only for a limited number of animal breeds and plant cultivars.


Titre du projet: 
Modulation de la réponse de la plante à un agent pathogène par le microbiote rhizosphérique
Participants unité: Julie Aubert, Valentin Loux, Mahendra Mariadassou, Sophie Schbath
Nom de l'appel d'offre ANR: Appel à Projets BAP 2015