cemracs 2018
16/07/2018 to 24/08/2018

Refonte du portail MathInfo

Le site entre dans une phase de refonte afin de mieux cibler les objectifs présentés aux dernères "journées MathInfo à L'Inra".

StatMathAppli 2017

The seminar "Statistics Mathematics and Applications" follows the seminar tha


Approximations et comportement de modèles stochastiques individu-centrés


Agroecology and policy instruments for sustainable multifunctional agricultural landscapes

Virome Access

Accessing to virus genomes out of metagenomics data: improving statistical and bio-informatics analytic tools to better assess the contribution of phages on microbial ecosystems


Systems approaches to study microbial consortia: Integrating meta-omics data to elucidate the functioning of lignocellulolytic microbial consortia

MOdélisation et Risque en Statistique Environnementale (MoRSE), MIA-Paris

The members of team MoRSE  develop statistical methods for environmental and ecological problems. They are specialized in Hierarchical Bayesian modelling, Spatial Statistics and Extreme values theory, Stochastic processes, Statistical network analysis and Statistical emulation of computer models.

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